Our Services

Our Services


We provide different development management related services and expertise in the field of:

  • Project/program appraisal, monitoring & evaluation, baseline and impact study
  • Organization/institution development and capacity building
  • Project design and implementation support
  • Strategic review and planning facilitation

  • Our expertise and services in the following thematic areas and sectors have been most significant in terms of depth, coverage and duration:

  • Livelihoods, enterprise, micro-finance and value chain analysis
  • Decentralization and local governance
  • Rural community infrastructure/civil works
  • Theory of change, logical framework and results based management approaches
  • Generic training and participatory techniques
  • Community development
  • Gender equality, social inclusion, conflict and peace building
  • Health, education, and community forestry

  • A brief description of our services follows.

    Organization/institution development and capacity building

  • Development and institutionalization of new strategy/policy, structure, and/or system
  • Staff training including training of (master) trainers on specific themes or on generic skills
  • Design and implementation of integrity systems in community infrastructure/civil works
  • Support in fair and merit based staff recruitment and selection
  • Design of competitive staff compensation package
  • Development of manuals, implementation guidelines or directives

  • Project appraisal, monitoring & evaluation, baseline and impact study

    We provide professional services at different stages of the project/program cycle. The process involves selection and use of appropriate state-of-the-art methods and tools. The services include:

  • Appraisal and project scoping
  • Mid-term review/evaluation
  • End-of-project/program evaluation
  • Baseline, impact and other study

  • Project design and implementation support

    Designing a relevant, cost-effective and sustainable project/program is highly challenging. Development practice has moved away from programs/projects planning by "experts" in the headquarters of funding agencies to a participatory process of engaging local stakeholders in the design and implementation of projects/programs. This local involvement implies a significant role for development management consultants. We have assisted a number of development agencies in the design and/or implementation of projects/programs in Nepal. Design of monitoring system and implementation support is part of this. The process involves consultations with the stakeholders, including where relevant women, the poor and people from socially excluded groups, documentation of the proposed action in an appropriate format and development of a monitoring system. Theory of change, logical and results based management frameworks tools are used.

    Strategic review and planning facilitation

    We help organizations in strategic planning. Strategic planning generally involves external and internal situation assessment, identification and analysis of strategic options, preparation of do-able strategic plan. One key event in this process is a workshop where all the stakeholders work for common understanding and future response. For this, we provide services of qualified workshop facilitators/moderators. Highly participatory methods and tools are used in the process.

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