What we are


No country can grow rapidly until its human resources are developed and empower ed. After decades of experimenting with various development models, this has emerged as the bottom line. Human Resource Development Centre (HURDEC) Pvt Ltd was established as a management training and consulting organization by a group of professionals in early 1990. Its mission is to facilitate people-centered development by strengthening the institutional and human resource capabilities of clients.

A spirit of teamwork, a strong sense of work ethics (contractual commitments, honesty, integrity, and transparency), and an all out effort to deliver the best results and achieve organizational excellence characterize HURDEC professionals. A strong sense of identification with the organization has led to the development of a nurturing and supportive environment in which t he personal and professional needs of all members are addressed. HURDEC accepts assignments depending on the nature of work, availability of professionals, suitability of the time frame, and relationship with the client.

The commitment of HURDEC professionals, their work ethics, the spirit of teamwork and their search for excellence is manifested in more than 2000 successful assignments carried out by them under competitive conditions in the last more than twenty years.

HURDEC was established and registered with the Department of Industry, Government of Nepal in 1990 as a Private Limited Company with the registration no: Pvt. Ltd. 3917/046/47. It is also registered with the Registrar’s Office and tax/VAT office with the PAN being 500197572.

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